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Azure Infrastructure Professionals Assessment Test: How it is structured and how it can help you hire your best candidate

This test was created to help anyone assess their candidates for a position that requires the knowledge for Azure Infrastructure. You can have the confidence of assessing your candidates regardless of your own knowledge on the subject.

The chapters in this Azure infrastructure assessment test were carefully designed in a way that the results of the test will give you a comprehensive overview of your candidate. These results will help you formulate better hiring decisions as you will be able to see both the strong and weak points of your candidates.

By using this test, you can assess dozens of candidates simultaneously and can still arrive at a more informed decision by comparing their results.

Which use cases can customers have for this test?

The primary use case for this test is to help evaluate candidates’ knowledge of the infrastructure related to Azure services. This could be for an operations candidate, architect, security analyst, networking engineer, and other similar roles.

Which areas (chapters) will be covered in the test, and why was it chosen that way?

The test covers core infrastructure areas including the core Azure Resource Manager fabric, VMs, networking, storage, and automation. These topics are critical to be able to utilize the services in an effective manner. These chapters were chosen because it helps to give an idea of a candidate’s scope of knowledge when it comes to any professional role that requires Azure infrastructure.

Understanding ARM includes provisioning and optimization of resources which includes topics such as declarative template usage.

VMs, Network, Storage
VMs, networking, and storage target key areas that together enable complete IaaS-based solutions to be deployed and utilized.

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