A lot of people know me as Nick Trauelsen. A lot of startups know me as The Marketing Guy. Facebook advertising is one of the most effective marketing channels any business can capitalize on. Let me help you find the perfect Facebook Ads expert.

Facebook is a huge platform with billions of users that are within your reach. Having a Facebook expert in your business arsenal will help you build that bridge between your business and the billions of users that are awaiting your product or service. My test content and Kandio’s platform is the first bridge towards reaching your future customers with great people.

Nick Trauelsen
CEO, The Marketing Guy
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With a degree in marketing, I jumped on a journey to explore what marketing can do for businesses. Thousands of marketing campaigns later, I’ve mastered that one aspect of marketing that gives the most results and growth for any business, and that is Facebook marketing.
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Keynote Speaker
2016 - Present
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Jan 2015 - Present
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Facebook Consultant
Jan 2015 - Jun 2015

Mine resultater

Beyond marketing, I’ve grown my career around startups and businesses that are new in the market. The competitiveness of bringing something new to a busy market has challenged me to become the go-to-guy when it comes to Facebook marketing in Scandinavia.
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Renowned Mentor and Public Speaker
2016 - Present
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Architect behind some of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns
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Founded TheMarketingGuy