Hi, everyone. I’m John Savill, and I’m a Cloud and Infrastructure specialist. I’m teaching online courses at Pluralsight and writing books on Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft offers a vast array of cloud services that can streamline your business processes, and it’s easy to get lost in all of them. That’s why you’ll need the expertise of an architect who knows the right Azure solution for any particular facet of doing business. The assessments test I’ve created for Kandio aims to help your business find the right specialist.

John Savill
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I’ve always taken great interest in technology since I was 7 years old. Years later, hold several Microsoft certifications, including Azure Infrastructure and Azure Architecture specialist. I’m also an author of eight books on Microsoft technologies, and I post cloud-related stuff on my website.
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Azure Author
2016 - Present
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2009 - Present

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I count myself lucky in making a career out of my passion, as I was able to accumulate expertise and certifications on Microsoft technologies. Now, I aspire to inspire others in doing the same by sharing what I’ve achieved over the years in every way I can.
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Published 30th course
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Crossed 15,000 subscribers to my channel
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Wrote and published 9 books on Microsoft Technologies
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