Passionate about Data Structures and Algorithms, I am the DS Guy, as my students fondly call me.

Big data and analytics are the backbones of today’s technologies. But before they can paint the bigger picture, data structures and algorithms should be designed soundly and precisely first. The success of your technology will rely on the success of your candidate. I’ve created an assessment test on Kandio to help you hire a powerhouse candidate who will help you achieve success.

DS Guy
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Min erfaring

The past 7 years working in the software industry with Data Structures and Algorithms was a result of my pursuit of this passion which started back in my early days in school. Today, I share this passion by teaching students everything they need to know about Data Structures and Algorithms.
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Data Structures & Algorithms Instructor
October 2017 to Present

Mine resultater

My knowledge has been purely driven by passion and for me, it would be an achievement to share this knowledge to those who share the same passion.
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