Hi. I’m David Clinton. I’m a Linux system administrator who, a decade ago, struggled to deploy my first AWS workload (a video conferencing platform for a course I was teaching remotely).

Since then I’ve been living most of my life in the cloud and have written three books on AWS administration. I know how painful it can be to learn complex new technologies and I think that makes me a better teacher.

Teaching is great. But here on Kandio, I get to carefully design assessments that will help match people and companies. I’m not here to expose what someone doesn’t know, but to shine a light on the knowledge and skills that they’ve got.

David Clinton
Pluralsight Author

Erfaring og resultater

Min erfaring

I’m an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Linux Server Professional, teacher, author, and technical content provider. I’ve worked with both traditional data centers and the AWS cloud. But most of all, I love mastering new technologies and finding effective ways to share what I learn.
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2013 - Present
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Technology Content Provider
2016 - Present
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Linux System Administrator

Mine resultater

My success can’t really be measured on the number of books, white papers, and videos I’ve created and published. I measure it based on how aspiring developers learn from these learning materials.
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AWS and system administration books
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Online articles that attract around 12,000 views each month
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20+ courses